Traditionally the conference introduces highly regarded and inspirational speakers, well known in their field and this year will be no exception.

We are pleased to announce our main key note speakers will be James Cracknell and Robin Sieger



Katherine Grainger - Keynote Speaker

Katherine Grainger – KeyNote Speaker

RRM-KATHERINE-GRAINGER-7-400x3001Katherine is Britain's most successful female rower and her Olympic achievements make her the first female British athlete – in any sport – to gain medals in four consecutive Olympic Games. She has received numerous accolades including being awarded an MBE in 2006. A true inspiration to all, Katherine is a class act both in and out of the water.

As in bidding, Katherine's mentality is solely on winning. She will relay personal pertinent stories and strategies about teamwork, how to optimise the strengths of all individuals and create something far stronger than the sum of the parts.

Katherine excels when talking of teamwork, overcoming challenges, motivation, winning and the importance of communication. Qualities all vital in "Teaming for Success".

As an impressive and accomplished speaker, Katherine has an exciting story to tell and she tells it well in an inspirational and authoritative way.

Robin Sieger - Keynote Speaker

Robin Sieger - KEYNote Speaker

ROBIN008Robin is a successful businessman, best selling author, and broadcaster with offices in the UK (London) and the USA (Charlotte). He is a leading success strategist and developed a reputation within media and circles as a peak performance 'guru'. He has a world-class reputation as a conference speaker who humorously and passionately delivers high impact presentations that are informative, inspiring and entertaining. Robin will be using his extensive experience to tell us how we can team for success.

About Robin Sieger

After studying science at university, Robin had a successful career as a television writer. The life changing experience of being diagnosed with cancer at age 29 made him re-examine his notion of success. Robin was Head of Entertainment Development for BBC television which he left to set up a his own training company with the sole aim of teaching people within organizations to develop themselves and reach their full potential.

Robin firmly believes that organisational culture is a reflection of what people believe about themselves and the company they work for. In addition to running his company, Sieger International, Robin has set up successful publishing and educational technology businesses. He also coaches PGA tour golfers and has studied the dynamics of high performing teams which are greater than the sum of the parts and who frequently succeed against the odds.

Robin is the author of 5 books including the international best seller Natural Born Winners (Random House), which was sold in over 80 countries, translated into over 20 languages and turned into a No 1 rated television series.






Other Speakers


Alex Macphail (rogenSi)

Developing mental toughness

Alex MAcPhail - rogenSI

AlexmcphailTo improve and change a result you have to change your behaviour. In order to change your behaviour you must first change your mindset.

Developing mental toughness is all about moving each individual to create and sustain an immensely powerful inner drive and motivation. Where material and financial incentives fail to keep people striving to achieve, the most effective approach is for individuals to motivate themselves. This presentation will equip participants with techniques for creating their own levels of motivation. Delegates will be driven to succeed and focus more on achieving results. The greatest challenge for individuals is not the actual doing – it’s making the decision to do.

Alex Macphail, UK Partner of rogenSi, has a reputation as a phenomenal presenter with a charismatic and interactive style that is humorous, dynamic and engaging.

RogenSi is the global consultancy for exceptional performance, helping leaders and their teams deliver results in three of the hardest areas: leading, inspiring change and driving sales growth. We help businesses across a wide range of industries succeed by focusing on the performance required to turn their strategy into winning results.

Our work is built around this core principle: exceptional performance comes from a combination of superior business knowledge, in all its forms; high level skills; and effective, applicable processes - all leveraged, exponentially, by the creation of a mindset that gives you the will to succeed. With offices in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, we are continually developing global best practice for multi-country, regional and local solutions.

Chris Milburn


Chris Milburn



Colleen Jolly

The rise of the “infographic”

Colleen Jolly (The 24-Hour Company)

Collen-JollyA workshop for those sharing concepts quickly; the effective representation and selling (on a bid-relevant timeline!) of your solution to a specific audience in any media (print, online, etc.).

Harness the trend of infographics: visuals (or animations/videos) that combine several bits of quantitative information into easy-to-understand, audience-appealing designs, ultimately used to sway them to an opinion, a course of action or a purchase. Explore trends and underlying psychology from around the world, then apply those techniques on your next bid.

We will review several static and animated infographics from major organisations (non-profits, governments, newspapers), identifying the tools they use to communicate information to promote a course of action - discussing what works, and what fails the test. We will dissect each into its three component parts (aesthetics/style, quantitative information, and messaging: conscious/subconscious), then build a bid-specific infographic, discussing the challenges and solutions for creating quality materials on a bid-relevant schedule and budget, while recognising what type of information is most pertinent to share using the infographic method.

About colLeen

Colleen Jolly PPF.APMP is a 13-year proposal veteran and manages a global visual communications firm with offices in US and UK. Her roles in the APMP include Layout Editor, the Journal; Secretary, International APMP; and Secretary, NCA chapter. She is an APMP Fellow. She is a frequent worldwide speaker and trainer and holds a BA from Georgetown University. Colleen is an award-winning artist and business professional, who featured in Northern Virginia magazine's Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30 and as a finalist in the Stevie Awards Creative Professional of the Year (2009). Her company won entry into Inc. 5000's Fast Growing Companies in 2007 and 2011. She was published five times in a women's entrepreneurial calendar and most recently (2012) won the APMP's Insight Award for her article on international business.


Dee Clayton (Simply Amazing Training Ltd)

Overcoming your fear of presenting

Dee Clayton (Simply Amazing Training Ltd)

You know how even experienced presenters can suffer from public speaking fear? This session will show you how to overcome those discouraging voices in your head.

If you need to deliver convincing presentations (or otherwise speak well in public), this interactive, fun and insightful workshop will help. Suitable for all types of presenters - or for those responsible for rehearsing or coaching nervous team members - Dee will show you what causes doubt, worry and nerves about presenting (otherwise known as the "Public Speaking Monkeys®"). By outlining three steps to taming the monkeys, she will make your speaking nerves and fear become a thing of the past.

Dee Clayton's fun yet effective monkeys approach has already helped thousands to overcome their fear of speaking. As author of Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys® she has trained UK-based and multinational organisations, including Toyota Motor Europe. Dee has won multiple awards for her unique approach including Business Champions - Overall Winner East of England.

A former marketer, for over 20 years Dee managed a wide range of brands from Jacob's Creek to Jammie Dodgers. Latterly she worked for Sodexho where she was involved in several successful bids. Dee is marketing director and a trainer member of the Association for NLP CIC. She has also been known to do the odd stand-up comedy gig!


Helen Blake and Keith McMain

Selling Value through teamwork

Helen Blake (Futurecurve), Keith McMain (Sales Transformation)

Helen BlakeWinning teams integrate their customer-facing activities and strategic plans with the bid management function and sell value, rather than simply respond to an RFP.

All too often bid managers are left with the unenviable task of producing responses and meeting deadlines for opportunities in the absence of any clear direction or strategy from the sales lead and wider sales team. In winning teams, the bid team works in close collaboration with their sales colleagues to deliver a well-articulated, differentiating and compelling value proposition. This session looks at how those teams organise themselves, how the proposal managers contribute to creating a winning sales plan and how the value proposition is created. Case study examples will illustrate how teamwork and a combination of rigour, creativity and a well-considered value proposition can deliver exceptional results.

About Helen and Keith

Helen Blake (pictured) is Chief Executive of Futurecurve, the leading consulting firm focused solely on value creation, and is the bestselling co-author of Creating and Delivering your Value Proposition (Kogan Page). She has worked with numerous global organisations to develop their value propositions, having previously held senior executive positions around the world for Accenture, Capgemini and KPMG.

Keith McMain began his sales career with Fisons plc before moving on to CSC, Capgemini, HP, Keane and iTnet. Keith founded Sales Transformation in 2010, having sold over £1.5bn of new business for his various employers. With an impressive win-rate of more than two out of three, Keith has experience across multiple sectors and has particular expertise in large value, complex opportunities.


Ian Hirst (Greenbank Partnership)

Mission impossible - transforming individuals into a successful bid team

Ian Hirst (Greenbank Partnership)

The bid team that works well together, succeeds together! Practical strategies for making the most of the different skills and experience within a bid team

Bid teams are of course, nearly always made up of a mixture of characters and roles - from the red-meat-eating salesperson, the technical specialist, the product manager, to maybe even a project manager or sector specialist or two. They may rarely meet up except for bids - or even worse - they may often meet up and not get along.

Either way, the bid manager's job is to bring this highly-skilled (let's give them the benefit of the doubt for the moment), disparate group together, facing impossible timescales and with nowhere near enough information - and then turn out a world-class bid that makes the most of everybody's skills and experience.

Great bid managers can do this of course and this session will throw in some practical ideas that will enable you to learn from them. That will include looking at the top seven team issues that you have said are keeping you from being successful - and giving you a bit of science too – and examining the different natural approaches to team-working and how to leverage these when you have a mixed team.

Ian Hirst has 20 years' experience in a variety of front-line sales and director roles with blue chip companies. His most recent position was head of global sales operations with Reuters, where he rolled out bid best practice to 1500 salespeople in 20 different countries.

Since 2002 Ian has run Greenbank's Driving Sales Growth practice, working with wide variety of blue chip organisations to improve their bid approach and sales capability, via consultancy, coaching, live bid support and Greenbank's own sales training curriculum. He has a humorous, lively style and runs engaging, highly interactive workshops.



Drop the dead donkey

Jennifer Stapleton and David Warley (Bid to Win)

Sometimes what you leave out is more important than what you put in. Learn the agile techniques that newspapers use to meet deadline after deadline without contributor burn-out or sacrificing quality.

Publishing is a specialised world, but the techniques that editorial teams use are well understood in the world of Agile Project Management. As proposal managers, we too make an absolute commitment to deadlines without compromising on quality. The techniques that Agile project managers use can help us. In this interactive workshop, the presenters will show how iterative development maintains visibility of the win strategy and proposal end product. You will learn how Agile techniques like time-boxing enable commitment to a 'no slip' schedule. The presenters will demonstrate how rigorous prioritisation of features (MoSCoW) keeps the scope manageable and focused on high value content. And finally they will look at some of the tools that Agile managers use - user stories, backlogs and burn down charts - to communicate status visually and keep the team focused. You will take away not only some thought provoking ideas but also useful techniques that will help you deliver your next bid.

About Jennifer and David

Jennifer Stapleton FBCS CITP provides consultancy at all levels, including to senior executives, on the design and improvement of project and programme management (PPM) processes. For the past 15 years, Jennifer's focus has been on agility. She was cited in the PMI's Network magazine as one of the 25 most influential women in the world for her work on Agile PPM.

David Warley PPF.APMP is a business development professional and owner of Bid to Win Ltd. David is a frequent presenter at APMP conferences, and an accredited professional and Fellow of the APMP. David is widely in demand as a speaker and trainer and has delivered bid management and APMP accreditation classes in Europe, India, China, Africa and North and South America.


John Chennels

How do you get techies to write proper?

John Chennells (Logica)

J Chennells UKAPMPDoes the standard of proposal writing in your organisation drive you to despair? If so, let's talk about how we tackled the problem in Logica, and share some ideas.

In Logica we have any number of brilliant technical people – whose proposal writing skills can charitably be described as extremely variable. This session will start with a case study of an exercise which started in 2010, to improve the standard of our proposal writing. It will explain the various activities that were initiated, what worked – and what didn't - and what we are doing now. In the second part of the session, we will open out into a workshop discussion. The aim will be for delegates to share ideas and experience from their own organisations, and come away with some new concepts to try out when they get back to base.

Many conference presentations are given by external consultants. This session will offer a slightly different perspective, namely that of the issues and challenges presented by working within a large organisation, rather than from the outside. As such it should offer many delegates an opportunity to discuss issues with which they are only too familiar!

About John

Working in IT was originally going to be a break from John Chennells' chosen career in teaching. In the event, it's been a break that's lasted for over 30 years. Along the way he has worked on many and varied bids and estimates that he has helped to win over £200m of business. Since 2007 he has been working as a consultant in Logica's proposal centre and last year achieved APMP professional status. Over the years he has been invited to speak at conferences in Europe, Asia and South America; the UKAPMP conference is a new challenge.

John de Forte

Test and improve your writing skills

John de Forte (de Forte Associates)

JdforteUnderstanding the common errors which diminish the impact of the submission. Applying a simple framework that enables you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

In proposals the written word has never been more important: drafting and revising submissions absorb vast resources. Yet in many cases, the team doesn't get its points across as clearly or vividly as it could. Building on his well attended presentation at last year's conference, John will reprise his framework for identifying and eliminating the most common weaknesses in writing style. The main part of the session, however, will be devoted to a practical exercise in which you'll be invited to analyse some sample text. This will enable you to assess your own strengths and weaknesses and where you can improve. It will equip you with tools which can help to raise the standard of written English throughout your organisation.

About John De Forte

John de Forte has worked with a wide range of organisations and consortia in winning flagship contracts in the public and private sector. This has included acting as editor in chief on major proposals involving multiple author teams in the UK and abroad. His work also includes coaching presentation teams, carrying out strategic reviews of the bid function and conducting workshops to improve tenders performance. John is principal of de Forte Associates, a consultancy


Jon Williams, Richard Jenkins and Graham Ablett

A gold medal winning bid team?

Jon Williams, Richard Jenkins and Graham Ablett (Strategic Proposals)

LR Jon williamsIn this Olympic year, the importance of a concerted team effort behind every gold medal will be well-evidenced. Creating that winning team is just as important in bidding for new business.

Using the combined proposal and purchasing experience of the Strategic Proposals team, this session will highlight the key characteristics of winning bid teams and enable you to benchmark whether your team has what it takes to win gold. Attendees will be provided with a booklet to self-assess your team's ability to win today, which you will be able to take away as your pathway to future gold. The session will culminate in the anonymous capture and presentation of the results from the self-assessments. This instant assessment will show you how your bid team measures up against both peer organisations in the room and our database of over 500 organisations benchmarked to date.

With over 50 years' experience in the proposal industry and a track record of delivering some of best received and insightful sessions at APMP conferences around the world, this session will be another winner. Jon, Richard and Graham of Strategic Proposals look forward to seeing you on the start line.

About john, richard and graham

Jon Williams (pictured) is the Managing Director of Strategic Proposals Limited, which he established in 2001. Jon is recognised for his passion for proposals, championing proposal management best practice to help bidders capture 'must win' deals and bring about radical increases in win rates.

Richard Jenkins is a highly experienced and respected proposal management professional. He has led and worked with sales and proposal teams across the world, helping them significantly improve win rates and develop more efficient processes.

Graham Ablett is an APMP approved trainer and has 18 years' bid experience. He has worked across a host of different market sectors. Graham helps clients win specific opportunities, as well as advising organisations on how to win more bids - and win them more easily.

Karen Althen and Mark Whelan (Phoenix IT Group)

THe mobile war room

Karen Althen and Mark Whelan (Phoenix IT Group)

KAprofileAn opportunity for those who work as part of a virtual team to develop their skills and understanding.

The session is based on a bid which required input from geographically dispersed contributors. It covers: how planning the approach in advance significantly reduced production time, and how this approach can be scaled to suit the context; the importance of resisting the compulsion to begin writing; keeping the approach simple, using communication and collaboration methods and tools effectively.

The presenters will also discuss adjusting activities during the bid to maintain efficiency and effectiveness; the use of IT for collaboration; the preparation required of team members and expected outcomes; how different groups required different communications methods. Attenders of this session will learn how effective preparation and organisation, using a repeatable and scalable approach, can significantly reduce the discussion and production time required in a bid.

About karen and mark

An APMP practitioner, Karen Althen (pictured) has been involved in bid production and management for the last seven years. During a period of change and growth in the company, she has helped it to achieve success by introducing and embedding best practices. This has particularly been the case in public sector frameworks. She is a proactive member and pioneer in organising and promoting local Scottish APMP UK events.

Mark Whelan Is Head of Service Integration at Phoenix IT. Mark is an APMP practitioner and has been involved in technical and commercial proposal management for the past 20 years. Mark has contributed to IT best practice (ITIL) publications as well as BSI committee on service management standards.


Ken Newland


Ken Newland



Lorraine Baird and Susan Moran (Aviva)

From outsider, to frontrunner, to also ran

Lorraine Baird and Susan Moran (Aviva)

Susan-MoranAn epic tale of heroism, bidding excellence, dedication and unwelcome branded mugs. Find out how the Aviva team tackled a must-win bid and got it right - and wrong, in some interesting ways.

It's 2011 and Aviva is invited - almost out of the blue - to bid to a major UK retailer. This causes great excitement throughout the business and the internal message is that everything must be 'world class'. It triggers a gargantuan work effort: the retailer wants submissions on six separate products in extremely short timescales. The schedule of activity is unorthodox as well as intense, adding to the pressure, but the team pulls out all the stops (and then some). As time goes on, the win probability increases: the partner displays strong buying signals as the field narrows to three contenders.

Join Lorraine and Susan as they take you on the (ultimately unsuccessful) race to win - a marathon with hurdles such as a six-volume response document, five due diligence site visits, numerous additional response documents, a testing management presentation and a competitive contractual stage. Prepare to encounter new insights as well as some universal truths about bidding.

About Lorraine and Susan

Lorraine Baird leads the twelve-strong Aviva General Insurance (GI) bid team. She does so with warmth, vision, unwavering commitment to best practice and a great sense of humour. Susan Moran (pictured) leads the nine-strong Aviva GI proposal team, comprising proposal managers, designers, writers and a production and knowledge manager. Her obsessions include quality, continuous improvement and hyphens.



What customers really care about

Malcolm Wicks (Three Step Consulting)

Malcolm Wicks Print versionWe love the product and services that we sell. Unfortunately customers do not love our products and services in the same way. This presentation is about capitalising on that difference.

This presentation provides examples of why they think differently, based on research and real projects that Malcolm has carried out with a range of different clients. The talk addresses key questions such as "why did we lose that that sale?" The sales team provides very different answers from the customer. The overall objective to to provide some new ideas and fresh thinking that you can take away and apply.

About Malcolm

Malcolm Wicks is a marketing professional who has spent the last 20 years helping businesses understand more about their customers. He has managed EMEA marketing teams for CRM, business intelligence, data warehousing and many marketing programmes. He has presented papers at many national and international meetings. For the last 10 years Malcolm has been a successful independent consultant. He has worked with clients ranging from Tesco and HP to the Zambian ministry of health and Dennis, the fire engine maker.


Martin Smith - Bid Solutions

UK Salary Survey Results and Analysis

Martin SmithUnderstanding your Market Value

Speaker: Martin Smith – Bid Solutions Ltd

Martin is currently conducting the 2012 UK Salary Survey which promises to deliver ground breaking research and results. This year's conference will be the platform for announcing and discussing key results of the survey.

About Martin Smith

Martin is Managing Director of the leading global recruitment specialist, Bid Solutions Ltd. Prior to joining Bid Solutions he spent 10 years at global IT organisations. He has held positions such as Head of Professional Services, Head of Opportunity Management and Head of Proposal Management. Martin has previously served on the APMP UK Board.

Bid Solutions

Maurice Downing (Corfocus)

Build a tender machine that wins

Maurice Downing (Corfocus)

MDowningBuild a tendering machine that calms frazzled, last minute nerves, lodges more and better proposals and wins business consistently.

Too many late nights, unprepared clients and deadlines led to cries of "there must be a better way!" There is. Under the mantra of Preparation Pays Off you will learn the three phases of building a tender machine that wins business consistently.

1. Tender Readiness Audit: An onsite audit to rapidly assess your client's current status and identify their shortcomings.

2. Building the Machine: This is about getting you and your clients 70% ready for future projects. Learn which projects to bid for, what information you need and how to develop it ahead of time so you reduce stress, lodge more proposals and wins business consistently.

3. Embedding and Winning: Nobody drives a Ferrari fast the first time. It takes practice to get the best out of this finely tuned machine. So it is with the Tender Machine. In this phase you learn how to work with clients to embed the Tender Machine and win more business. You might even be hired as the expert driver.

About maurice

Corfocus is a speciality consulting firm that helps clients win government contracts. The pathway to Maurice Downing setting up the company includes being a third generation sugar cane farmer in Cairns, and bush pilot load controller; marketing and MBA studies; government trade delegations; and tender evaluation panels. He has helped clients win business in sectors including senior executive leadership, road maintenance, legal services, pathology testing, employment services and graphic design.

In 2011 Maurice wrote Winning Government Tenders, Australia's first commercially published book on Australia's biggest market – government. He is published in Australia's premier newspapers and magazines: Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, Melbourne Age, Business Review Weekly, My Business, Manufacturing Monthly and Dynamic Business.

Nick Fewings of The Colourworks

NFPresGain the edge over your competitors by gaining insight into your potential client's behaviour, communication style and decision making process.

Nick Fewings of The Colourworks

Nick has been invited to speak at this year's conference following his highly successful presentation at one of our recent events.

His entertaining, thought-provoking, interactive presentation provides the opportunity to learn tools and techniques to gain the edge over competitors.

Whilst you need the appropriate technical skills and training to structure and write bids and proposals effectively, when combined with understanding the most effective manner in approaching and dealing with key individuals and teams, the opportunity for success increases.

The Colour Works operates across the UK, Europe, Middle & Far East and the USA delivering personal and team development solutions in leadership, team-working, communications, personal and team effectiveness, customer service and sales and in 2012, has for the 5th time out of the last 6 years won a prestigious UK award for the learning and development work they deliver to their clients.

About Nick Fewings

Co-founder of  The Colour Works

Nicks sensitivity to the needs of others, combined with his fun and engaging approach to learning, makes him a hit with clients across the public, private and charity sectors. His ability to deliver stimulating learning programmes for clients helps them get the best from their most valuable asset – their people.

With a background in the finance sector, Nick has held senior operational and project management roles and provided change management consultancy to global financial players.

Nigel Strutt

Nigel Strutt – Lockheed Martin UK

Nigel StruttUK Director Customer Relations and Supply Chain Strategy

Nigel has over 34 years experience in the Defence and Aerospace industries working in small, medium and large organisations in a variety of roles covering manufacturing, production planning and control, contracts, program management, customer relations, project performance management, offset and supply chain management. During his time with Lockheed Martin (16 years) he has focused on Offset, Customer Relations and Supply Chain Management with a corporate role leading and coordinating the development of policy, procedures and improvement activities

Richard Bannon (APMP UK Board)

Moving on from foundation

Richard BannonCompletion of the practitioner PPAQ can seem a daunting task. Richard presents some of the APMP tools, tips and support available in setting out to achieve the next level of accreditation.

This presentation will provide you with a clear plan towards completion of your PPAQ and achieving practitioner accreditation. It will show the essential steps required and methods of achieving the next level. The session will cover:

Overview of APMP accreditation, including current and future plans of APMP; why do Practitioner? The business case; the practitioner process (PPAQ, costs & timing); support - APMP website; APMP on-line tutorial; quick start & completion workshops at conference; mentors; ATO offerings, tools & tips; preparing for the PPAQ - taking the first steps; doing a self assessment; filling the gaps (where more experience is needed); reaching out for support - UK mentors.

About Richard Bannon

As the education and accreditation member of the APMP UK board, Richard Bannon continually seeks new ways to add value to membership of the Association in these areas. He gained professional accreditation in 2009, having achieved practitioner-level a year earlier and foundation-level in 2005. He is now a mentor to members working towards practitioner level. Having been a proposal manager for several decades, Richard now works earlier in the capture cycle supporting Lockheed Martin bid teams preparing for proposals. His mission as part of capture operations is to increase the probability of wins by ensuring that proper preparation prevents poor proposal performance.


Richard Goring

Preparing your team for a winning pitch

Richard Goring 01 SquareHow to plan, write, prepare for and deliver a winning pitch presentation. Practical tools that will help participants improve the way their teams deliver pitches.

The pitch presentation is the lens through which an entire bid is evaluated. Yet all too often, the final pitch doesn't get the attention it deserves. Lack of preparation, leaving things to the last minute, or the absence of presentation expertise can undermine the entire bid process.

This session will give proposal professionals: a timetable for preparing for a pitch presentation; a process for agreeing a persuasive value proposition; a clear structure for writing an effective presentation - and an alternative approach when responding to set questions; a quick guide to easily creating compelling presentation graphics; a way to select presenters and the wider pitch team; a scorecard to help presenters model and perfect winning presentation skills; a model for Q&A that helps support the selling process.

About Richard Goring (BrightCarbon)

Richard Goring is co-founder of BrightCarbon, the specialist sales presentation agency. He is one of the country's leading authorities on sales presentations, and has recently pioneered the use of iPad for visual sales conversations. He has helped to write and create thousands of sales presentations, and coached hundreds of bid teams to success in fields as diverse as construction, medical diagnostics, insurance, financial services, IT and FM. He has helped his clients to win billions of pounds worth of new business. Richard is passionate about improving the way companies present - and believes that anyone can run a successful pitch if they put their mind to it. Richard has a degree in physiology from Oxford University. He says he couldn't do his job without a Microsoft 8000 Presenter Mouse.


Keynote Speakers

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